With Murders By Mail, you don't just read mysteries: you solve them! Study the clues, send out your investigators, and corner the killer. All you need is a mailbox and a web browser.
The Cases


Choose a mystery! A box will arrive within days containing the case file and materials related to the investigation.

This includes an introduction to your three investigators, as well as maps, photographs, clues, and other important pieces of reference.

Decide where you want to investigate: which leads to follow, where to visit, which suspects to interrogate.

Each investigator has special talents, so choose wisely! Use a web browser to send each investigator to their target.

In a few days, a letter will arrive from your team describing what they’ve learned, revealing more of the mystery.

Return to the case file, review your notes, and send them back out to new destinations. Repeat until you’re ready to solve the case!

“Playing Murders by Mail isn’t like reading a book, watching a movie or a show on TV. The case is in my hands. I choose what leads to follow, where to investigate and how.”
Melissa Thompson, Member


Murders By Mail can be played as a solo investigator, with friends or loved ones, or even in groups! Match wits with friends next door, across town, or even from out-of-state.

Since every case unfolds from your specific choices, every investigation will follow a unique path. Compare notes to see the different secrets you’ve each uncovered, and once you solve the case, see who posts a higher score on the case leaderboards.


Murders By Mail cases are set in various historical and literary mystery worlds. Pick the style that matches your taste!

Cozy Mystery

Discover the dark secrets of a sleepy English country village.

L.A. Noir

Noir-inspired cases in star-studded and sunlit post-war California.

Sherlock Holmes

Search the foggy streets of London in the time of Sherlock Holmes.