The Case of the Blinded Birder

Bockerly, England. 1955. Near the sleepy English village of Bockerley, a reclusive birder is shot in the woods. The police declare it a hunting accident and no suspects are brought to trial. The case goes cold until a sparky spinster with a lace umbrella and gossip’s ear finds proof that it was murder. Was it his overbearing mother? His dead wife’s violent brother? A poacher on the run from his past? And why are the police saying less than they know? Help her and her bibliophilic friends solve this classic cozy mystery.


The Bockerley Library Murder Society meets on Thursdays to discuss their favorite mystery novels. This macabre hobby is about to move far beyond fiction…

Mrs. Cecily Miller

Beloved aunt, village gossip, aspiring novelist

Lady Imogen Bickford-Smythe

Conflicted traditionalist, bored widow, fast driver

Vicar Dermot Dilbertson

St. Peter’s Over Runnel Anglican Church
Case Contents
This case folder contains the following components:

  • ‘Personal & Confidential’ envelope with Introductory letter from Cecily Miller
  • Investigator details
  • Section of the Bockerly Chronicle, featuring reporting on the murder
  • Full-color 12 x18″ map: “The Village of Bockerly and Surrounds”
  • A 12-page city directory with hundreds of residential and business locations
  • Log sheets for tracking investigator movements
  • Sealed ‘Solve Envelope’ with questions for the end of the investigation

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