The Fellowship of Bones

London, 1893. A prominent paleontologist has been murdered, struck down by a fossilized dinosaur bone. A group of naturalists, gathered to hear the victim speak, provide an abundance of witnesses and potential suspects. The Royal Society is in an uproar and Scotland Yard is at a loss. Only the world’s greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, can unravel this mystery.


As Holmes, you have enlisted three of the most brilliant investigators you know to assist in this case.

Dr. Watson

“An invaluable assistant and a fast friend.”

Mr. Wiggins

“A blunt instrument, perhaps, but a useful one.”

Mrs. Hudson

“My secret weapon, with which to disarm the unsuspecting suspect.”
Case Contents
This case folder contains the following components:

  • An entry from Dr. John Watson’s personal diary
  • Details on Sherlock Holmes’ hand-picked investigators
  • A special section of The Illustrated Police News, a Victorian tabloid featuring reporting on the scandalous murder
  • “Welcome to Burlington House,” a brochure and map of The Royal Society’s headquarters (and scene of the crime!)
  • A list of Holmes’ personal contacts and informants throughout the city
  • Full-color 18×24″ map of 1893 London
  • A 36-page city directory with over 500 residential and business locations
  • Log sheets for tracking investigator movements
  • Sealed ‘Solve Envelope’ with questions for the end of the investigation

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