How To Play

Here’s what you’ll receive in your first case box…

Case Materials

Every case begins with an introduction–a letter, a transcript, a handwritten note–which sets up the mystery you must solve. Depending on the case, there will also be other noteworthy materials: newspaper pages; pamphlets; photographs; secret notes and clues from the crime scene. Study these materials for details and snippets of information which can help guide you to the killer.

Some clues are obvious. Some are not.

Directory & Map

The map and accompanying directory are your guide to hundreds of people, businesses, and locations where you can send your investigators. Some locations may be given to you; some may be discovered through the course of your investigation. But remember, not every location is connected to every case. Random moves may lead to dead ends.

Choose your moves wisely.

Investigator Bios

Your investigators are your eyes and ears; send them out to gather information and clues as you work to solve the case. Keep in mind that your investigators have strengths and weaknesses, and will return more (and better) information when assigned to certain locations.

Think carefully about who you send where.

Expert contacts

Every detective has them: a network of experts and informants throughout the city, who can be consulted for specialized information and insight into certain aspects of your investigation. Contacts may not have information or insights into every case, but when they do, their expertise can be invaluable.

Logs & Notepad

Making notes and keeping a record of your investigation in progress will help isolate clues, spot patterns, and prevent accidental backtracking.



the facts you have about the case. Look for clues and connections. Take notes!


the city map and directory to choose three locations you want to investigate.


out your team to investigate! Use any browser to assign locations to each Investigator.


will arrive in the mail! Repeat the cycle until you’re ready to solve.
Keep in mind the killer is actively trying to thwart your investigation. Your choices can affect outcomes for characters surrounding the case, with legal, romantic, or even mortal consequences.

Know Whodunit?

Every case includes a sealed “I’m ready to solve” envelope. Open it when you think you’ve deduced the killer. What’s inside is a secret… We don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Now what are you waiting for?
There’s been a murder!