L.A. Noir

In post-war Los Angeles, high society meets underworld sleaze with surprising regularity. In this series of cases, explore both the highs and lows of a bygone era, full of film stars, gangsters, and hard-nosed cops who won’t let the truth get in the way of making an arrest.

Vol. 1 / Case 1 (of 4)  

The Bloom of Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA, 1948. A young starlet is found murdered in her own home. The LAPD has a strong lead and a likely suspect, but the girl’s mother wants no stone left unturned. Are the police correct in pursuing a gangster, known for harassing actresses and not taking no for an answer? Should they look closer at her hot-blooded matinee-idol ex-boyfriend? Or even the rising Los Angeles District Attorney who nearly lost his job and marriage after his affair with the starlet went public?

The Investigators

The William Knight Detective Agency has been retained to solve the crime. The team includes: Lead investigator Will Knight; Naomi Poe, his assistant and girl Friday; and Bev Parker, a jane-of-all-trades who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

William Knight, P.I.

Lead Investigator, former LAPD

Naomi Poe

Assistant, social butterfly, con-woman

Bev Parker

Mechanic, boxer, Renaissance woman

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