Sherlock Holmes

Perhaps the best-known fictional detective in history, Sherlock Holmes is a master of observation, reasoning, and early forensic science. Play the part of the master in these challenging cases, set in late Victorian-era London.

Vol. 1 / Case 1 (of 4)  

TheTaste of Iron

London, 1883 A body is found on the banks of the Thames, stabbed in the heart and left for dead. Curious are the small blotchy burns on the man’s hand; even more curious is the rolled case of bizarre instruments inside his coat pocket. Neither the Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard have any idea where to begin, so they turn to the enigmatic ‘consulting detective,’ Sherlock Holmes.

The Investigators

As Holmes, you have enlisted three of the most brilliant investigators you know to assist in this case.

Dr. Joseph Bell

Surgeon, professor, cellist

Sir Henry Littlejohn

Police surgeon, chess grandmaster

Francis 'Tanky' Smith

Policeman, master of disguise

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